How to Be A World Class Human Being

When I was at a seminar about public speaking given by internationally acclaimed speaker, the "3-foot giant," Sean Stephenson, he said something absolutely profound. It hit me to the core and resonated so straight and true. Coming onto stage in his mechanical, super-cool wheelchair with dramatic music he said this about becoming a world class speaker: if you want to become a world class speaker, you have to become a world class human being. Boom. There was a mic drop if there ever was one.
It makes so much sense. When we see someone on the stage who is world class at what they do, at the heart of it, we are seeing a world class person.
What is a world class human being to you? To me, it is someone that takes my breath away. It’s someone living their purpose. That is so beautiful. The passion in their eyes is so bright and so powerful, that you can’t help but become empowered yourself, just by being with that person! 
A world class person is someone who knows his values. He knows what he wants in life and knows it is for something great. A world class person is also someone who knows herself. She knows what her roles are in life and fills them with all the joys and blessings of life she can find. 

The Stronger Fear

How does this make a world class speaker and what in the world does that have to do with my life, right? The answer comes from the fact that as people, I believe what we want more than anything else in a speaker is honesty. We want someone that is “raw and real” and a world class person is real more than anything else. Being honest, authentic, and genuine will do more for your life than almost anything else. And if that is the case, then why is it that so many have struggled with living true to their natures?
Think about it this way, from the public speaking viewpoint again: fear is one of the greatest deterrents to being a great public speaker. But really, it's not fear of the audience.
It’s fear of being judged. And I believe that at the heart of that it's fear of your potential. It’s the fear of success, a fear that I believe can be even stronger than the fear of failure. If you’ve ever been on the stage, whether literally or in any situation in your life, you can identify with this feeling, being afraid to speak your heart.
Why? Because your heart is powerful. It speaks the truth and can carry you up into your dreams. That's big and that's scary but that potential is oh so real. You are meant to succeed whether you like it or not!
Look into yourself. You know it to be true. Your true nature is grand glorious and gorgeous. Your potential, your magic, your power is so great it can be terrifying, but if you want to be a world class speaker, or a world class anything, husband, wife, brother, sister, friend, you have to dedicate yourself to this ultimate dedication of personal growth. 
Your dedication to this cause, to your cause, will be the greatest choice you will make.  You’re probably thinking: “Zayd, that’s nice but what action can I take? What can I do practically to become a world class human being?” 

Invest in You

Fortunately, the answer to that question is pretty simple. To me, the best and most practical way to develop yourself into a world class human being is to invest in yourself. It’s not about perfection or anything like that. I would only expect perfection from you when I am perfect myself, so you are safe there. No, it is about taking the time to improve yourself, to learn about yourself, and marvel at the wonder of who you are.
If that sounds weird then you need to do this even more! The people with the best Self-esteem, world class people, are those who recognize that they are amazing too. Only then will you be able to tell other that they are the same. 
Now how do you invest in yourself? Simply by taking part in activities that lead you to get to know yourself more. Anything that gets you to understand yourself more, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually is an investment.
There's only one rule: do it alone. Build your relationships with others at another time, but you need to take time for you. Below here's a short list of activities that we will explore in the next post. But, in reality, you are only limited by your imagination. Whatever it takes for you to get to know you will be a sound investment, and will take you one step closer to becoming a world class human being.


  • Read intellectually stimulating material and personal growth books.
  • Journal.
  • Meditate.
  • Pray. 
  • Exercise.
  • Take long walks in Nature.
  • Dream.
  • Learn to sing or play an instrument.
  • Take up a hands-on hobby.




Thank you so much for reading today. I commend you for taking the time to think about taking action in this way. As always, if you have any feedback or any comment leave it below. I love to hear from you, and I truly appreciate you spending your time with me. Have a beautiful day.

About the author, Zayd

Zayd Jawad is the founder of Vital Significance, a business dedicated to helping all people build Self-Esteem.

He provides deep and empowering knowledge to help people develop their Self-Esteem holistically to become the positive role models they are meant to be.

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