Making A Difference

You know you've been seeing a lot and hearing a lot here on Vital Significance these 3 words, making a difference.

But what does that even mean? I've been thinking about this quite a bit and I've realized that it is really important to make sure we understand this.

Lack of clarity is one of the number one factors that prevent success.

Let's get into what this phrase means and what it has to do with our own success and flourishing.


If I had to define the phrase making a difference in one line it would be this: making a difference is using your life and your energy to improve the lives of other people.

In its most simple form it's giving, and in its most profound form, it's selfless love and compassion.

Making a difference is being able to use your talents, your gifts, your time, your money, your energy, and your resources to help others, especially those that are less fortunate than you are.

As you well know, there are so many people suffering on this earth. There are so many who are faced with trials and difficulties that most of us could never imagine.

When I'm talking about significance and making a difference I'm not talking about being rich and influential so that we can sit on our yachts and have people wait on us.

I want us to become rich and influential, strong and healthy so that we can be in positions to truly enact change on a larger scale.

I truly believe that your gifts, your talents, and your abilities, if fully maximized, have the potential to change the world.

Making a difference is about doing the work required to get ourselves to those spheres of influence and to the states of high performance, physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. 

You may say, "I'm not worthy of being up so high. It's evil. Only bad people get up there." 

Nonsense. Don't let your fear of success prevent you from going there. 

We all fear failure, but even more than that I think many of us fear success. 


Because it's hard. It's hard to know that you are enacting change, each and every single day. 

It's hard to sit down and grind out the work, day after day, even if it seems mundane.

It's hard to realize that you are meant to be an inspiration because then you will find that you have no more choice!

But, my friends, when you live in this way, when every ounce of your flesh and spirit is aimed at the cause of being a positive force for change, then you will reap reward beyond your wildest dreams, in both this life and dare I say, the next.

Making a difference is a spiritual practice, a noble form of gratitude that is lived out in your life's expression.

There is an action needed for gratitude and that is service; service will drive a grateful life, one that is good and fulfilled.

The Good Life

One of the most fundamental drives for us as people is to live a "good life". While this sounds really simple, people have been pondering this question for a very long time.

The ancient Greeks, in fact, had a term for it and they called it eudaimonia.

In his Nicomachean Ethics Aristotle defined it as "human flourishing" or striving for excellence.

Essentially, he was saying that we need to work hard to become the best we can be in everything that we do; that would make a good life.

5 years ago I started asking this question myself as I found myself struggling to even walk well without pain.

Over time I've come to realize that there are certain things that come together to make a "good life" as it is, and one of them is that phrase we mentioned earlier—making a difference.

The feeling that you are changing things and have at least a tick of control in the universe is powerful.

Knowing that what you do matters, feels good, and it is an essential part of living a good life.

The Different Kinds of Differences

As you might imagine, there many different ways to make a difference. That phrase, in fact, will mean something different for everyone who hears it. 

What do you think of?

The reality is that making a difference can be anything from giving a check for $1,000,000 to your favorite charity to starting a nonprofit, all the way to saying thank you to someone who hasn't heard it in a while, lending a listening ear, or offering a word of support. 

Making a difference is being the best mom, best dad, best friend, best husband, best wife, best child, best grandparent, best mentor, best leader that you can be.

Making a difference is a dedication to excellence in every role you hold and every task you undertake because when you do this you will become an example, a better example I hope, than those who are content with living their lives in desperate wandering.

Let us strive to do the work to become the best we can be in every aspect of our lives. Let us embark every day on a journey of personal development for ourselves and for all those around us.

Against this kind of character, temptation cannot win. Held up to the shining light of inspiration, the sordid depressive realities cannot have a foothold.

The diseases of complacency, apathy, and spite will dissolve to unveil the brilliant glow of hope, passion, and love.

This is making a difference. This is what you are meant to do.

Thank you most kindly for reading. I appreciate you so much.



About the author, Zayd

Zayd Jawad is the founder of Vital Significance, a business dedicated to helping all people build Self-Esteem.

He provides deep and empowering knowledge to help people develop their Self-Esteem holistically to become the positive role models they are meant to be.

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