Episode #007—Breaking The Jump with Julie Angel

What would you do if somebody told you to jump down 500 feet from a roof to the concrete floor? 

Yeah...people do that. Our guest today has a 12-year journey and first-hand account of what it takes to do such crazy-seeming things!

Her name is Dr. Julie Angel and she is a filmmaker, a photographer, author, and accomplished mover herself.

I first met Julie a few years ago at a MovNat, Natural Movement workshop where her energy and enthusiasm, along with her deep knowledge of movement and living a fulfilling life, blew me away.

Traveling with usually just a small handbag for luggage, Julie says that simplicity, in movement and life, can open up new doors and opportunities.

Join me today for a beautiful conversation with Julie to learn about:

  • How Simplicity Can Lead to More Head-Space
  • What the Science of Small Wins Is
  • The Place of Bravery and Effort in Movement
  • Why Fear of Looking Stupid is Often Greater than Fear of Physical Failure
  • ...and much more!

Items Mentioned In This Episode Include:

  • Julie's book, get it here.
  • The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up book, get it here.
  • MovNat, Natural Movement System, here.
  • Julie's MovNat Interview With Zayd Jawad here.
  • See and Do here.

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Check Out Some of Julie's Work!

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About the author, Zayd

Zayd Jawad is the founder of Vital Significance, a business dedicated to helping all people build Self-Esteem.

He provides deep and empowering knowledge to help people develop their Self-Esteem holistically to become the positive role models they are meant to be.

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