Episode #008: Why Movement Matters with Katy Bowman

Movement matters. Not only is this the title of one of the books of our guest today, but it is so true.

Movement matters, from the breaths of air we take to the walk in the grocery store or with our loved ones.

Today's guest Katy Bowman is a woman who truly lives into the answer of movement. She is an esteemed biomechanist and the author of numerous books that have been translated into languages all around the world.

Katy finds her passion sharing her message of movement all around the globe from the thousands who attend her live classes to the hundreds of thousands who read her blog and articles every month.

I am so grateful that Katy decided to join us today. It is truly an honor to have her here. Join the chat to learn:

  • What Movement Nutrients Are
  • How Outsourcing Your Food Might Be Costing You Health (and money)
  • The Difference Between Exercise and Movement
  • What it means to be Thought-Sedentary (and what you can do about it)
  • ...and much much more! 

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