Episode #009: The Search for Greatness with Jon Gordon

Why is it that some people can find themselves in really poor conditions and become great, and others can be from great backgrounds and fall to the ground?

People have been asking this questions for hundreds of years. Our guest today is someone who has thought about this question a lot and has come up with new ways to share it. 

Jon Gordon is a world-renowned speaker, and an international bestselling author of more than 10 books including the Energy Bus, The Carpenter, and his most recent, The Power of Positive Leadership. Don't worry, we'll have a link below to Jon's author page on Amazon so you can check out all of his works.

Jon has worked with countless organizations from nonprofits to sports teams, to Fortune 500 companies. He is one of the pioneers in the fields of Positive Leadership bringing his message of Positivity to people all over the world.

Jon doesn't just talk positivity. He talks about vision. He talks about service and greatness. It's truly an honor to have him here today.

I first met Jon at a speech he gave in my hometown Champaign Illinois. It was there that I saw that even though he was a "big speaker" he was such a genuine, kind, and beautifully positive human being. I knew I had to have him on the show.

You are in for a treat for a short and powerful conversation with Jon. Join in right now to learn:

  • How Caring is A Strategy for Success
  • Why You Need To Define Your Circumstances
  • The Question You Need To Keep Asking Yourself To Keep Moving Forward
  • Jon's Top Tips for Crafting A Vision Statement
  • ...and much more!

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"You don’t have to be great to serve. But you do have to serve to be great.” —Jon Gordon

Items Mentioned on This Episode Include:

  • Jon's book, The Carpenter. Get it here.
  • Jon's book, The Power of Positive Leadership. Get it here.
  • Grit book by Angel Duckworth summarizing research on what makes success. Get it here.

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